The Complete Guide to Residential Oil Heating

First and foremost this book is a training guide used in the home heating industry for training maintenance technicians. It contains over 80 pages of high quality detailed  line drawings specifically to support classroom training. 

Chapter 1 starts with a detailed illustrations of an oil fired boiler complete with attaching components clearly identified. Then each component is illustrated separately along with text that describes its function. 

Chapter 2  provides a step-by-step series of illustrations and text that covers everything required to perform an annual system cleaning and tune-up.  It covers the entire system with a special focus on the oil burner, burner motor, fuel pump, pump coupling, fuel/oil filter, electronic ignitor, transformer, electrode rods, nozzle, end cone, blast tube, nozzle assembly, draft regulator, flue pipe and plumbing.

Chapter 3 provides an innovative approach to system troubleshooting by using flowcharts along with illustrated maintenance steps to identify and repair the problem. 

Chapter 4 covers problems with the heat distribution components such as feed valves, zone valves, circulators, radiators, Extrol tanks, expansion tanks, flo-check valves, bleed valve, and pressure relief valves.  Included is an easy procedure too properly bleed air from the system. 

Chapter 5 covers perhaps the least understood area in the heating system: all those electrical controls, thermostat, aquastats, primacy control, stack relay, high limit control, sensors, safety devises, and wiring. Again the detailed illustrations make sense out of this difficult topic. Lastly,

Chapter 6 is targeted specifically for the installer providing Helpful Hints and a nice oil capacity chart that covers common residential oil tanks. Whether you are a classroom trainer o a student this book has the detail and clarity not seen in other guides


I have a home that has an old American Standard  oil furnace. Although she is an older system she still works well. I have used this book as an excellent source for doing tune-ups as well as troubleshooting.  It is well written for anyone who has a mechanical ability and is looking to do his own maintenance. This  Book covers all aspects of different burners and actually has an illustration of my 1959 burned if you can believe that! Many Kudos to the author, well done"    - WALTER W. KUHN

"Extremely well written and informative, keeping the novice on the subject in mind. Well organized information teaching about the different parts on the heating system individually with well drawn pictures and descriptions. Then it describes in detail how these parts work together. It also has an excellent troubleshooting section."


The Complete Guide to Residential Oil Burners 4th Edition

A highly detailed training guide used in the home heating industry for training maintenance technicians. It contains over116 pages of high quality detailed line drawings specifically to support classroom training. The information provided is based on five of the most popular modern oil burner technologies focusing on the: Beckett AFII and AFG, Riello R35 andF40, and the Carlin EZ-Pro technologies. With the Knowledge from these technologies, the operation of  any oil burner can be easily understood. The detailed high quality line drawing go beyond what the manufactures provide and are designed to teach. The quite extensive first  charter is further divided into dedicated section for each of the five oil burner technologies. Each chapter section uses detailed illustrations to walk you through how that oil burner works; and how to services, turn, and troubleshoot the unit.  Careful attention is paid to explaining the fuel delivery system, and providing meaningful troubleshooting charts. It's no wonder training centers level. Chapter 2 focuses on the popular oil pumps that are often package with these oil burners.  Again the same high quality illustrative approach is used to detail how pump works, how to service the pump, properly set up the pressure, and how to troubleshoot the pump. Lastly there is an appendix that addresses tuning the oil burner to the boiler or furnace to achieve maximum efficiency. Weather you are a classroom trainer, s seasoned heating professional or a budding student this book has the detail and clarity not found in other books It will become your most treasured reference book. 

" I was looking for a way to troubleshoot my oil burner. It was repeatedly shutting down. I purchased this book with hope of finding out what the problem was. The troubleshooting section walked me through each step that was referenced to an illustration that was easy to follow and understand. Without having any prior experience, I was able to find the problem and correct it. This book easily pays for itself $ ten $ times over."   - ZACH MILLER


"This is a very good book to have for someone who wants a quick reference of their oil burner. I've learned how to clean my own furnace after years of paying my furace man. This book by no means is going to make you an expert but is good to have because it does a good job of listing all the components of a oil burner. You never know when you may have to get yourself out of trouble. Sometimes all you need is just a nozzle." -Kenneth Pierce

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